Normal skin is neither dry nor greasy; it is the skin that is soft and smooth to the touch. This type of skin easily withstands everyday impacts. Unfortunately, such skin, we had wit the age of ten. As a person with normal skin ages, its skin becomes drier. Dry skin is usually thin, pore-free. Dry skin is a type of skin that produces less sebum than normal skin. Due to a lack of sebum, dry skin lacks lipids it needs to retain moisture and forms a protective layer against external influences. Dry skin appears tight, rough and may look lifeless. If the dryness is not treated, the skin may develop a mild peeling, irritation, can be red and it becomes suitable for a variety of infections. Oily skin often has large pores with increased production of sebum. This skin type tends to shine due to excess sebum. This type of skin is suitable for acne and blackheads. Causes may be genetic, hormonal disorders and stress as well as the use of inappropriate cosmetics. Combination skin is a skin that contains all skin types. Fattier parts of the skin combined with excessive production of sebum, while drier parts of the skin have a combined lack of sebum and the corresponding deficit of lipids. Dehydrated skin is rough and ragged, and dehydration lines can appear. Dehydration, as opposed to dry skin, is usually a temporary condition due to imbalance or external influences. This means that, when restored balance, the skin will return to normal flexibility and hydration. Sensitive skin - 20% of women have a real problem with sensitive skin, and 40% often have experience with tightening and discomfort on the skin. This results in unwanted redness and irritation. Sensitive skin is primarily manifested on the face (nose, around the eyes). The use of unsuitable products to skin type or application of too aggressive cosmetics (or frequent peeling peels), stress, fatigue ... it can cause discomfort.

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We did a little intro in order to properly treat our skin.

Firstly it is important to properly clean our skin. It is recommended to clean our skin in the morning and night to get rid of the dirt, make-up, the secretion of toxins, dead cells, excess oil ... Cleaning allows the skin to breathe and prepare for applying the appropriate cosmetics. Use warm water with soap, gel or milk that is not aggressive. We will soon offer gels and cleansing milk for face and body. After we clean our skin it needs to be protected and to maintain hydration during the day , and at night it is necessary to feed the skin, and help it to regenerate. Depending on the needs of your skin, you can use different types of protection, such as moisturizing, protection against wrinkles and soothing. OK! Biocosmetics in its assortment has creams for different skin types and the goal is to soon offer other products including cleansing milk, tonic and many other skin care products. Our goal is reflected in the fact that our products are recognized for their quality with the prices that are accessible to many people.

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